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Malawi Radiology Collaboration Project

In Malawi, limited access to radiology expertise and equipment makes it difficult for healthcare workers to get the right diagnosis and to give patients the proper care they desperately need. 


Working in collaboration with the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust, we bring together a team of remote international volunteers and expert staff in Malawi, so that many more students and staff can be trained in radiology, more scans and X-rays can be reported and radiology research can flourish.


By building radiology capacity in Malawi, we will directly and indirectly improve the diagnosis and treatment of thousands of patients each year.

Training and Building Capacity 



Build and support long-term links between international radiology volunteers and their colleagues in Malawi for clinical, training


Help train the first group of 4 Malawian Radiologist Trainees, starting Sept 2022, through remote mentoring of X-ray and scan interpretation, mentored research opportunities and expert volunteer placements.


Support remote teaching of 100 medical students and physiotherapists each year


Support radiographer training and quality and safety improvement in CT 


Deliver additional CT scan reporting capacity, starting with 50 patients/month

Remote Reporting 

Through our collaboration we will be ensuring that the Imaging department at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital have access to experienced Radiologists to assist them in reporting complex cases and building their diagnostic capabilities.


This will happen through an innovative platform, Connecting Minds, that allows Radiology professionals to remotely share images and expertise. 

Supporting Research 

 Our Malawi Collaboration will not only allow us to train Radiology Healthcare staff but also to assist the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust with any imaging needs across their extensive research portfolio.

We will also be conducting research throughout our collaboration to evaluate the implementation and impact of remote reporting and education.

Our Partners 

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Donate to Project Malawi

Help us to train everyone who needs to know more about radiology, to increase the number of scans and X-rays available and to improve diagnosis and care for thousands of patients

Together, we can make sure quality healthcare is accessible for all.

Want to get involved?

Check out the latest volunteering opportunities or get in touch with us.

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