Our Mission: Improving health in disadvantaged communities by strengthening diagnostic imaging through education & support.

The need

Medical imaging techniques have revolutionized the practice of medicine and in high resource health systems form an established, essential component of diagnosis and patient management. For many patients in low and middle income countries (LMIC) access to even very basic imaging services is either severely restricted or not available at all. 

Pillars of support

Education: Education covering all areas relevant to diagnostic imaging forms an important part of our work

Clinical Service Support: Improving immediate patient care and strengthening QA and governance forms an integral part of our service support

Research: Through links with UK and overseas research institutions we will increase opportunities for imaging research in LMIC


The solution

Through our pillars of support, we aim to strengthen the diagnostic imaging provision in low and middle income countries by:

  • Supporting the development of appropriate and good quality imaging services across the spectrum from central teaching hospitals to remote district clinics

  • Training of healthcare workers, ranging from subspecialty training for radiologists to basic skills for clinical and allied healthcare staff

  • Supporting recovery of stranded equipment

  • Raising awareness and advocate for safe and quality imaging services

  • Generating evidence through clinical and operational research collaborations

  • Training and supporting our network of expert volunteers

Our Vision: A world where all people have access to appropriate imaging services

Our core Values

  • Integrity: We operate with professional, organisational and personal integrity, to ensure honesty, transparency, accountability and respect for the rights and values of our beneficiaries and volunteers alike

  • Pragmatism: We ensure our programs are realistic, achievable and address priority needs

  • Sustainablity: We focus on sustainable delivery, both in terms of resources and of long-term empowerment of local healthcare providers

  • Community driven: We ensure that programs are appropriate to the beneficiaries' needs

  • Collaborative: We collaborate with local providers and beneficiaries, to achieve a community driven, sustainable approach