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Double your donation in
the Christmas Challenge 2022

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Donate between 29 Nov - 6 Dec

Help us raise £7,500 to train healthcare workers from general practice and various specialities in the public health service in Ghana. This training will provide thousands of patients with access to a simple yet potentially life-saving diagnostic test.

All donations DOUBLED

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Lack of access to diagnostic tests for the world’s poorest populations has recently been highlighted in
the Lancet Commission on Diagnostics’ report. It is an important barrier to achieving the WHO goal of
Health for All.


One of the recommendations in the report is widening access to Point of Care Ultrasound, ultrasound performed by clinicians at the patient's bedside. In Ghana, there is a severe shortage of radiologists and sonographers, especially in emergency care and peripheral hospitals.

POCUS can help alleviate this lack of access to ultrasound. However, currently there is no quality assured POCUS training programme in Ghana. To address this, we have developed and piloted a fully accredited training programme for healthcare workers in Ghana, together with a University Hospital in Ghana and Salford University in the UK.


We want to train even more doctors next year to provide a strong foundation towards further cascading of lifesaving POCUS skills and knowledge in Ghana.

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