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Welcome to Worldwide Radiology

We are a vibrant volunteer-led nonprofit organisation passionately committed to reshaping the landscape of global healthcare.

Since our inception in 2017, we have embarked on a mission that is as ambitious as it is vital: to enhance access to quality diagnostic imaging worldwide.


Our journey began as a small collective of UK-based radiologists, united by a shared experience of working in resource constrained radiology settings. Today, we've grown into an international team of approximately 70 short and long-term volunteers.


Our diversity is our strength; our team comprises professionals from various imaging disciplines and medical specialties. We take pride in the rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives brought by our team members, including those from our partner countries and their diaspora.

We started our work with existing collaborations in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, our vision transcends geographical boundaries. We are a global entity, welcoming partnerships from all corners of the earth.


Our goal is simple yet profound: to break down the barriers that restrict access to vital diagnostic services and to advocate, alongside our partners, for 'imaging for all.'


the challenge

Medical imaging has transformed the way healthcare is delivered for those who have the means to access and afford it


Yet, being able to access medical imaging tests remains a distant reality for the majority of the world's population. Even basic imaging tests, fundamental in accurate diagnosis and effective patient management, are not accessible to many


Moreover, in places where these tests are available, there is often a critical shortage of trained professionals to perform the tests and interpret the results, further limiting the benefits of these diagnostic tools

Meet our project partners

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The values we stand for


We're all about authenticity and accountability, infusing honesty and respect into every action, respecting the values of our beneficiaries and volunteers alike.


Our programs are more than just ideas—they're practical, achievable solutions addressing real needs.


We prioritise lasting impact, focusing on resourceful, long-term empowerment of local healthcare providers.


Tailoring our efforts to the unique needs of each community, we ensure relevance and resonance.


In true team spirit, we join forces with local providers and communities for sustainable, community-driven progress.

Meet our development partners

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Meet the team

Worldwide Radiology was founded by a team of UK imaging experts who are connected with and passionate about supporting their colleagues working in low resource settings.

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