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Improving care through worldwide access to 

Appropriate Diagnostic Imaging



patients benefitting from our programmes every year





domain specialist international volunteers 





health workers given expert training on bedside ultrasound and X-ray reading 



Accurate diagnosis can be the difference between good and poor outcomes or even between life and death.

However, two-thirds of the world don’t have access to basic diagnostic imaging tools, leaving countless people without a correct diagnosis. 

We are run by and for medical imaging experts, working to deliver diagnostic solutions in low and middle income countries. We support in-country service delivery, strengthening local knowledge and skills. 


We campaign for diagnostic imaging solutions to get priority investment, mobilise global medical community to share their expertise and support research exploring how diagnostic imaging solutions can improve care.


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Point of Care Ultrasound Training

This project delivers quality assured Point of Care ultrasound training to doctors in Ghana, with occasional participants from the wider West African Region.


It includes a strong train-the-trainer component and aims to build both trainer and POCUS leadership capacity.


Malawi Radiology Collaboration

Working in collaboration with the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences, the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and the Malawi Liverpool Wellcome Trust, we bring together a team of remote international volunteers and expert staff in Malawi, so that many more students and staff can be trained in radiology, more scans and X-rays can be reported and radiology research can flourish.

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Teleradiology Project

Patient circumstances and their imaging and treatment options vary enormously across the world. Therefore, an imaging test which is considered useful in one setting, may not be useful or available in another. New technologies, such as AI and portable equipment will have very different applications and value in different health systems. Through links with various UK and international academic institutions we support imaging research.  


Join us in improving access to health globally.

Together, ​we can strengthen access to quality diagnostic imaging in underserved areas of low and middle income countries and support professionals in the use of relevant and appropriate diagnostic imaging equipment and techniques.

Get involved now. Whether through a one-time gift, a monthly donation, volunteering your time, or fundraising, your contribution will be a step towards accessible healthcare for all.


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