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Collaboration with UK Association of Breast Surgeons,
University of East Anglia and Blended Learning UK

We are pleased to collaborate with the Association of Breast Surgeons, University of East Anglia, and Blended Learning UK on increasing access to breast ultrasound skills training in low and middle income countries. Breast ultrasound is a vital skill in the fight against breast cancer worldwide.

As part of this collaboration we have endorsed their online Breast ultrasound course for non-Radiologists, which offers discounts for health workers from resource constrained settings. 


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Introduction to Breast Ultrasound

The "Introduction to Breast Ultrasound" course offered by Blended Learning UK is a 16-week online CPD program aligned with the UK Royal College of Radiologist’s curriculum for non-radiologists. It includes topics like breast ultrasound basics, reporting, breast diseases, cancer, axillary lymph nodes, and ultrasound-guided interventions.


The course aims to teach ultrasound technology, practical technique, comprehensive reporting, lesion characterisation, and limitations of breast ultrasound. It targets consultant breast surgeons, trainees, radiographers, and physician associates. Participants can earn CPD points and have an option for an additional practical training session. 

From a previous participant in Malawi:

"I think the course is great. As for me, I learned quite a bit from there. The content was new and eye-opening just to see how much can be gained from a breast scan. I say this because the scans we get are not as detailed a lot of the time because we don't have anyone that has "specialised" in that area. So I think i would highly recommend it".

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