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Teleradiology Collaboration with Collective Minds Radiology (CMRAD)

With increasing access to internet services and cloud-based software solutions, tele-radiology services have greatly expanded in recent years. In many places, occasional advice by remote radiology partners via email or WhatsApp is a common method of communication. While this may be the only available option for a quick second opinion, it carries patient data security risks and is not a solution for larger workloads.

One of our objectives is to provide a secure, low cost tele-radiology platform to assist departments across borders with their image interpretation and education. This allows a wide group of volunteer experts to participate in our work. For radiologists working in low and middle-income countries this remote support provides an opportunity to discuss cases with colleagues and can help with reduction in workload, freeing up time for activities such as education and research. It can also provide access to a specialist radiologist opinion for those situations where there is no local expert available.

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We are delighted to partner with Collective Minds Radiology, a healthcare collaboration company, with services in consultation, education and research.


Collective Minds Radiology provides a cloud-based service that enables healthcare professionals to collaborate around radiology cases, perform virtual and interactive online radiology education and events, and to conduct radiology research projects including sponsored clinical trials.

Collective Minds Radiology provides us with access to the CMRAD-platform for hospitals and clinics we work with across the world and support all radiologists and radiographers with application training.



"We are honoured to partner with Worldwide Radiology and support the great work they are doing in providing access to quality diagnostic imaging in underserved areas of low-and middle-income countries"

- Anders Nordell, CEO Collective Minds Radiology

Collective Minds Radiology cloud-based platform has been instrumental in allowing healthcare professionals to effectively collaborate on radiology cases, engage in interactive online education, and partake in cutting-edge radiological research, including sponsored clinical trials. 


We have hit our first 1,000 consulted cases in May 2024. This report sheds light on the impact of this work.

Read the 1,000 Cases Impact Report

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