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Sound Sonography Course in Ghana

Imaging tests are important to diagnose and treat many diseases, but access is often very limited for patients in low-resource settings. In contrast to the larger ultrasound machines normally used in a radiology or obstetric department, technological improvements have allowed the development of affordable, portable ultrasound machines which can be used at the bedside by healthcare staff.


This technique is known as “Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)” and has seen an increase in use in many situations in high-income healthcare settings, especially emergency and intensive care, but is also ideal for use in resource-restricted settings. Not just for emergency care, but also where there may be no other imaging tests available.


We believe that clinicians around the world should be given a better, broader and more affordable grounding in bedside ultrasound to allow them to make full use of the potential of this tool. 

Our Sound Sonography programme was designed by a broad team of experts to provide healthcare professionals with the theoretical and practical knowledge of the day-to-day use of medical imaging.

Sound Sonography Course...

  • Trains international healthcare professionals in point of care ultrasound, covering topics in emergency care, basic obstetrics and infectious diseases.

  • Offers an affordable, modular training model spread over several years to allow participants to build up their skills and knowledge over time.

  • Advocates for appropriate and high quality use and evaluation of point of care ultrasound in health care settings where expert imaging services are not easily accessible.

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