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In Malawi, limited access to radiology expertise and equipment makes it difficult for healthcare workers to give patients the proper care they desperately need. With growing numbers of patients requiring urgent treatment, the pressure on hospitals that are already deficient in resources is only increasing, putting patients at greater risk. 


Together with Malawi's College of Medicine, we are currently training medical students and medical professionals in Malawi to interpret tests, such as x-rays, ultrasound and basic CT and MRI scans.


By building the radiology capacity in Malawi, we will directly improve the diagnosis and treatment of thousands of patients each year.


#ProjectMalawi will...

  • Support the teaching of 200 4th and 5th year medical students.

  • Provide access to experienced radiologists and provide volunteer imaging professionals with a better understanding of the role of imaging in Malawi and the problems facing resource-restricted health settings and how they can help.

  • Support an initiative to develop specialised radiology training to build Malawian radiologist capacity.

Improving Access to Quality Healthcare for All

Malawi has a severe shortage of radiographers, qualified ultrasound practitioners, radiologists and functional radiological equipment. Many healthcare professionals interpret X-rays and other radiological investigations or perform ultrasound without access to specialist support or quality training.


Our work is vital in providing accessible healthcare for all. Infectious diseases like Tuberculosis, pneumonia and HIV are commonplace in Malawi. Not only this, but increasing numbers are suffering from non-infectious diseases and deaths related to pregnancy and childbirth in Malawi are amongst the highest in Africa. Strokes and injuries from road accidents also need radiology for accurate diagnosis and treatment. In rural areas the barrier to accessing the appropriate care is even greater and in many cases, these issues can be life threatening.

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Help us train medical students in Malawi in the use of imaging to improve diagnosis and care for thousands of patients.

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Together, we can make sure quality healthcare is accessible for all.

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