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Exciting new partnership with Collective Minds

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Collective Minds Radiology, a Swedish-based healthcare collaboration company, with services in consultation, education and research.

Collective Minds Radiology provides a cloud-based service that enables healthcare professionals to collaborate around radiology cases, perform virtual and interactive online radiology education and events, and to conduct radiology research projects including sponsored clinical trials.

Participants of the Sound Sonography (POCUS) Ghana course in 2021

Through this partnership, Worldwide Radiology will use Collective Minds for global collaboration within radiology, and to support and educate within the medical imaging space.

Anders Nordell, the CEO of Collective Minds Radiology, shares his excitement about this partnership.

"We are honoured to partner with Worldwide Radiology and support the great work they are doing in providing access to quality diagnostic imaging in underserved areas of low-and middle-income countries"

Anders Nordell

CEO Collective Minds Radiology

In the next 6 months, Collective Minds Radiology will provide us with access to the CMRAD-platform for hospitals/clinics we work with across the world and support all radiologists and radiographers with application training.

We are incredibly honoured to partner with Collective Minds Radiology and look forward to sharing the impact created by this collaboration.



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