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First teaching session on radiology principles delivered to undergraduate medical students

On 31st March, we held our very first teaching session for the students of the College of Medicine in Malawi.

After months of organising the curriculum, the first of our remote lecture series was delivered by one of the most passionate and experienced teachers in UK Radiology, Dr John Curtis.

While the undergraduate medical students in one room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital learnt all about the anatomy of the brain on CT scans and how it is affected in patients who have had a head injury or a stroke, in another room at the College, Dr Karen Chetcuti was teaching physiotherapy students the basics in radiology.

All remote lectures are recorded and have been made available to the students for revision on our video education platform. They will also be used for the next group rotating through the surgery department, with Karen available to answer any questions.

This teaching session was a great example of how, through the generous support of professional volunteer trainers, we can reach twice or even three times as many students and still keep the student interactions personal and engaging.

Dr Curtis volunteered his time to create these lecture series, specially suited to the Malawian student setting and we are tremendously grateful for his unfailing support for all our work at Worldwide Radiology.

BSc 3rd year Physiotherapy students taking an introductory test on basic introductory radiology principles on Wednesday, 31 March

5th-year medical students who are currently rotating through their surgical module. Being taught remotely by Dr John Curtis, a radiologist based in the UK.


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Nov 25, 2021


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