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#ProjectMalawi is up and running!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

In Malawi, limited access to radiology expertise and equipment makes it difficult for healthcare workers to give patients the proper care they desperately need. With growing numbers of patients requiring urgent treatment, the pressure on hospitals that are already deficient in resources is only increasing, putting patients at greater risk.

Here at Worldwide Radiology we have a vision of a world where all people have access to diagnostic imaging services and the professionals trained to use them.

We are therefore excited to announce Dr Karen Chetcuti, our pediatric radiologist, has returned to Malawi with her family to take up a permanent post as a radiologist for the Malawi College of Medicine.

Karen shares our vision for Malawi, having worked there previously as a volunteer at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre and she will lead the WWR project to build imaging capacity in Malawi.

After a 29 hour long journey from her doorstep in The Hague, via Frankfurt, Addis Ethiopia and Lilongwe to their new front door in Blantyre, Karen and her family quarantined on arrival for 14 days before her work began.

Under Karen's local leadership we will be helping her deliver much needed diagnostics and care, as well as teaching and research.

"Malawi has a severe shortage of radiographers, qualified ultrasound practitioners, radiologists and functional radiological equipment"

You can follow Karen’s journey and stay up to date with all the project news on our social media accounts searching hashtag #ProjectMalawi.


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