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Our impact in 2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Despite the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, we have continued to work together with our global community of healthcare workers to improve to access.

Impact in Ghana

With our partners in Ghana, we delivered a brand new Point of Care ultrasound course for 9 medical doctors. At least 40 patients in public hospitals now have access to this extra diagnostic test each month.

Following this success, a further three-year partnership has been agreed and four participants from 2021 will be trainers on the next course in 2022.

POCUS training course in Ghana in 2021

Impact in Malawi

In Malawi, project lead Dr Karen Chetcuti also delivered input into a new Point of Care ultrasound course for 24 doctors, with German partners.

Radiology education capacity increased through remote lectures by volunteers for 48 students. Malawian students joined up with Worldwide Radiology student volunteers from Liverpool to evaluate their online learning experience and have been selected to present their findings at an international conference in 2022.

Finally, two Worldwide Radiology volunteer curriculum experts assisted Karen and other partners with the development of a completely new specialty training programme so that Malawi can finally start training its own Radiologists in 2022.

Stakeholder meeting in Malawi

Impact in The Gambia

Teaming up with the clinic at the Medical Research Unit The Gambia, we have been delivering a quality improvement project in their radiology department. We brought a radiographer/sonographer from Nigeria and our first volunteer radiology trainee from the UK on board.

Feedback has been very positive as the technical quality of X-rays and workflow have improved, ultrasound scan reports are now well structured and the technical staff who normally have to work in isolation expressed their appreciation of having a radiologist in their department.

Further ultrasound training and ongoing radiologist support are planned for 2022.

New partnerships

We have established a strong new partnership with the University of Salford to deliver the POCUS pilot course in Ghana.

Together with Imaging the World, we are continuing to have conversations about our overlapping interests in ultrasound capacity development and exploring potential for partnership.

We are working together with Collective Minds to provide remote educational and clinical support across the countries we work in.


We have run our very first matched giving campaign, The Big Give Christmas Challenge, and raised over £4,000 to support our work in Malawi in just 3 days.

We have continued to establish new and strengthen existing relationships with our supporters. We are pleased to have secured Kosmos portable US machine for POCUS training in Ghana, donated to us by Echonous.

We have also received Workstation monitors for Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi, donated to us by 4Ways.

We are incredibly grateful to all our supporters, volunteers, and partners who have continued to promote the importance of imaging and help us provide the support and training across our countries of operation.


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