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Advancing radiology in resource-limited settings: WWR and Collective Minds experience

Updated: Apr 15

Bridging the gap in radiology

Since 2021, we have been collaborating with Collective Minds Radiology to support the reshaping of the landscape of radiological services in various parts of Africa.

This partnership leverages the power of remote radiology reporting, consultation, and teaching to offer unparalleled support and expertise to healthcare providers in regions with limited resources.

Remote consultation in Ghana

In Ghana, at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), this collaboration has been a beacon of hope.

Using the Collective Minds platform, Worldwide Radiology has been offering remote consultation services for CT and MR scans. This initiative has seen 25 complex cases discussed, ranging from paediatric neurology to acute conditions like respiratory distress syndrome.

The impact? A staggering 75% change in patient management decisions, directly influenced by the expert advice from Worldwide Radiology's volunteer consultants.

One KATH radiologist remarked, "My confidence in diagnosing periventricular leukomalacia on MRI has increased, and I will be more likely to independently make a diagnosis in the future."

This testament highlights the educational benefits alongside the consultation services.

Tackling radiology challenges in The Gambia

The Gambia, grappling with a scarcity of radiologists, has also been a significant beneficiary of this collaboration.

Here, we provide second opinions on radiology cases, greatly aiding local clinicians. The success here is quantifiable: 180 cases discussed, with 70% resulting in altered patient management.

Clinicians have stopped unnecessary long-term antibiotics and avoided needless investigations, thanks to the expert input.

An MRC clinician shared, "Having help to decide if a CT is definitely needed is useful." This illustrates the practical and cost-effective benefits of the service.

Malawi's leap in radiology reporting

The partnership extends to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi, where a lack of qualified radiologists has left many CT scans unreported.

Through Collective Minds, volunteer radiologists provide vital reporting services, with 77 cases already addressed.

This initiative is still in its early stages, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating a significant impact on patient care.

Educating Malawi's future radiologists

In an extraordinary step towards sustainability, Worldwide Radiology has initiated a teaching service for Malawi's first group of radiology trainees.

This program, leveraging the Collective Minds platform, enables trainees to discuss and understand X-ray images with a UK-based reporting radiographer.

The trainees have expressed immense gratitude, with Drs. Chisomo Kadammanja and Rashid Ngalawango noting, "This training is a great learning opportunity for us... It will also help us excel in our career as future radiologists."

Jeremy Weldon, the involved reporting radiographer, reflects on his experience: "Being able to contribute to this has been a great privilege and hugely rewarding."

A testament to global collaboration

The partnership between Worldwide Radiology and Collective Minds Radiology epitomises how technology and collaboration can transcend geographical boundaries, bringing expert medical care to underserved regions.

This initiative not only changes patient outcomes but also empowers local healthcare professionals, fostering a more sustainable healthcare system.

It's a shining example of how targeted interventions and knowledge sharing can make a profound difference in global health.



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