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New partnership to provide breast ultrasound training

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Association for Breast Surgery, International Forum (ABS-IF), Blended Learning UK and UEA to ensure healthcare workers in low and middle income countries receive much needed breast ultrasound training.

Breast cancer is unfortunately common in low and middle income countries and imaging, such as mammography and ultrasound, is key to guide the right diagnosis and treatment.

Our new partners have collaboratively developed a breast ultrasound course for clinicians who look after patients with breast symptoms to give them the necessary ultrasound skills to better care for their patients.

Through this course, we will reach clinicians in our partner networks to benefit from the training. Later this year, a breast surgeon in Malawi will be taking part in this course as part of our Malawi Radiology Collaboration project, with our volunteer radiologist providing mentoring for the practical component of the course.

After completing the course, the breast surgeon in Malawi will then be able to assist the local radiology team to further develop their breast ultrasound skills and clinical knowledge.

We will also mentor course participants to provide practical hands on learning support and assist our partners with the future course developments.

For more information about this course or to apply for the September 2023 intake, please read here:


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